About Us


River Valley Senior Providers Group – RVSPG

-    RVSPG is a networking group for businesses and organizations that sell products or provide services to seniors.  Our goal is to support the local Area on Aging Offices and to communicate the local and State resources available to seniors with ourselves and seniors.  Another goal is to educate members working with seniors and make them more effective.

-    RVSPG has regular monthly meetings around the region in member businesses and agency on aging offices   Meetings are the second Wednesday of every month with registration and networking 8:00 a.m. and our meeting at 8:30 a.m.  Our meetings are designed to facilitate networking between members, find what services are available to seniors, and learn about senior needs.  RVSPG has regular email newsletters informing the membership of meetings, seminars, events, classes, etc. that effect seniors or the membership.

-    RVSPG covers 7 counties and 4 area on aging offices, Clinton, Lycoming, Northumberland, Union, Snyder, Montour and Columbia counties

-    RVSPG already has a solid foundation; we have filed for a 501-C3 Non-Profit status, have a Non-Profit Corporate status with the State of PA and have an EIN number registered with the IRS.

-    RVSPG has ratified Bylaws in place and we have an elected Board of Directors comprised of 12 Board members from the general membership and four non-voting representative members, one each from the four local Area on Aging Offices. RVSPG has elected officers for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

-    RVSPG will publish an area wide Senior Resource Guide (SRG), in a magazine format, annually in July, with a free listing all member’s contact information.  The SRG will have display advertising available for members want more coverage, and include several pages of information and programs for each of the 4 areas on aging offices.  The SRG will include valuable information and links to other senior services available locally or with the State.  This will become a regional single resource for seniors to find help.

-    RVSPG raises funds through dues and fund raising to support the local areas on aging offices.  RVSPG plans to distribute all remaining funds annually to local AAA’s, after minor expenses.

We serve the following four Area on Aging Offices
1.    Clinton-Lycoming
2.    Columbia-Montour
3.    Northumberland
4.    Union Snyder
-    Check out our website  www.rvspg.org or www.rivervalleyseniors.org

-    We would like to add your name to our rapidly growing list of members - come see why we are excited about RVSPG, join us!